Best Air Quality Monitors 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

IQAir Air Visual Air Quality Monitor
  • Displays real-time PM2.5 and CO2 (400ppm to 10,000ppm) levels by combining laser technology and artificial intelligence. Also measures temperature (-10⁰C - +40⁰C) and humidity (0-100%) in the air.
  • Designed for medical-grade standards to specially benefit those who suffer from asthma, COPD, lung cancer and high blood pressure.
  • Contrasts real-time indoor with local outdoor air quality, offering tailored recommendations for you to optimize your activities in the healthiest environments, indoor and out.
  • With the help of Advanced Analytics, it provides detailed figures on 6 key pollutants for 8,000+ locations in 35+ countries.
  • Bright LED display compares indoor readings with outdoor data, from the nearest official station, by collecting cloud data so users know when to ventilate, go outside or stay inside.
Kaiterra Laser Egg and Chemical
  • Gives readings for PM2.5, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity, AQI index, Weather Forecast
  • Smart Air Quality Monitor that uses laser-based light scattering technology
  • Sold in 14 countries including, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Indonesia, USA & China
  • Kaiterra App for Apple and Android platforms. Know the Air Quality from anywhere! Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Accuracy (±10%) in Indian conditions
Kaiterra Laser Egg+ CO2: Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Tracks PM2.5, Fine Dust, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature, and Humidity)
  • ACCURATE. Monitors major pollutants and factors that affect indoor air quality, including PM2.5 (fine dust), CO2(Carbon Dioxide), temperature, and humidity
  • MOBILE. Monitor from anywhere with the Kaiterra app. Get access to historical trends and receive alerts when the air exceeds predetermined thresholds
  • CONNECTED. Works with other home appliances via Apple HomeKit and IFTTT. Set up your smart home ecosystem to automatically protect your home against pollutants and allergens
  • WIFI-ENABLED. Support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
Temtop M10i WiFi Air Quality Monitor Meter for PM2.5 TVOC AQI HCHO Formaldehyde Detector Real Time Data Recording
  • Brand New Wireless 5-IN-1 Air Quality Monitor: PM2.5,HCHO,TVOC,AQI,WIFI
  • With Temtop App, it supports real-time AQI monitoring, remote turn on/off function, display local weather forcast and etc. Support iPhone or Android phones."
  • 3 Steps to WIFI, easy operation
  • Temtop 3rd-generation laser particle sensor with max. 20,000 hours' lifetime. Combined with the unique particle swarm optimization algorithm, it makes particle measurement more accurate and stable.
  • Top electrochemical sensor from Dart UK with pre-calibrated that provides more accurate formaldehyde molecule measurements. Its TVOC detect function can covering a wide range of organic pollutants of VOCs."
True Sense Indoor Outdoor Portable Air Quality Meter Monitor For Home Air Quality Index Check Meter Sensor Tester AQI PM 2.5 Micron Particulate Matter Dust ug/m3 Measuring Device Air Pollution Meter
  • EASY OPEARATION -This air monitor is easy to operate with just pressing the functional button, easy to read numbers and support of an face emoji will let you know if your air is unsafe and you need to take some actions.
  • PORTABLE TESTING – Spot check indoor air quality anywhere, This easy-to-carry air quality tester can help monitor air quality at home, in the car, and in hotel rooms.
  • NEW DESIGN - Newest unique mold and design with LCD Color Screen Digital Display; it can offer mean value for each gas because long-term monitoring.
  • NOTIFICATION - It is recommend to close the door and window when test indoor
  • PORTABLE DEVICE & RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Size about 74 * 71 * 27mm”. It's easy to carry the intelligent air quality monitor that can help us detect the PM 2.5 gas air pollution in household, kitchen, bedroom, office, school, car, hotel, travel, camping, party etc...especially in which has baby,child and pregnant woman. Built with 400 mAh rechargeable battery and packaged with one USB cable, the standby time can last for 4-6 hours.

Best Outdoor or Portable Air Quality Monitors:

SMILEDRIVE® Portable Air Quality Pollution Detector Meter with Color Graphic Display-PM 1/2.5/10, TVOC, HCHO Checker Temperature Humidity AQI Tester
  • ACCURATE AIR POLLUTION DETECTOR METER WITH LIVE COLOR GRAPHIC DISPLAY: Smiledrive Advanced Air Quality Pollution Meter gives you extremely accurate pollution readings with easy to understand simple readings in one screen
  • 3 EASY TO UNDERSTAND LEVELS: Classified in Green (safe), Yellow (average) and Red (Dangerous)
  • ACCURATELY CHECKS PM 2.5/10, TVOC & HCHO, INDOORS & OUTDOORS: Check levels clearly on the new enhanced color screen, also set alarm to notify high HCHO levels (as per requirement). You can check the level Indoors & Outdoors.
  • CHECK LIVE GRAPHS ON 2.8 INCH ENHANCED COLOR LCD SCREEN: Stay updated with the pollution levels and ensure you and your family breathe in clean/pollution-free air.
  • SUPER-SIZED 2200 mAh LITHIUM BATTERY FOR LONG USAGE TIME: Also get low battery alert on the display screen
SMILEDRIVE® Portable Air Quality Pollution Meter Detector for Formaldehyde PM 1/2.5/10, TVOC, HCHO-Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Detects levels of PM1, PM2.5, PM10 HCHO and TVOC in the air around you through laser scattering detection
  • Portable design with easy to read big monitor can be used at home, office or outdoors or in the car. Easy to use for all ages.
  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 1200mAh. One Key Calibration
  • Multi-layer micro-filtration effectively excludes interference of ethanol and carbon monoxide
  • 32-bit three-core ARM processor runs 10 times faster and provides accurate readings.
Health Innovative Airbliss - Pro High Accuracy Air Quality Monitor - For Formaldehyde Pm 1/2.5/10, Tvoc, Hcho - Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Detects level of PM2.5/PM1/PM10, HCHO and TVOC, in the air
  • High Accuracy Laser Scattering Detection Technique and Semi-Conductor Sensing Technology
  • Portable and elegant design
  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Lithium Battery of 1200mAh
  • One Key Calibration
IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Monitor Detector Accurate Testing Formaldehyde (HCHO) TVOC PM2.5 PM1.0 PM10 Air Pollution with Temperature Humidity Real Time Recording for Home
  • Multifunctional and upgraded: This upgraded air quality detector accurately testing air quality of formaldehyde (hcho), tvoc, pm2.5, pm1.0, pm10, temperature and humidity, to ensure the health of your family in all domains, real time testing with data record and analyzed with chart indicate, hazard level with time display!
  • Portable: It's easy to carry the intelligent air quality monitor that can help detects air quality level at home in kitchen, bedroom and etc. Or in office, in the car, travel, camping and party, etc. Test the air quality anytime anywhere to be away from harmful of tvoc, hcho, small particles pm2.5/1.0/10.
  • New design and mold: Newest unique mold and design with 10 function buttons make the testing more accurate and usefu! Built in high-capacity lithium battery with long stand by time, can be charged via usb cable, large lcd screen with english interface easy and clear to read!
  • Defend health: Built-in a calculator as a reference for remove hcho and haze, an ideal multifunction testing tool to monitor the air quality with 6 levels to indicate the hcho/pm2.5 pollution level, a safeguard for family health. If exceed standard, alarm prompt.
  • Easy to operate: Do calibration well on initial use, otherwise, data may be inaccurate. Easy to calibrate it with pressing c button. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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