Best Body Composition Monitors 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Composition Monitor with bluetooth and artificial intelligence measures BMI, BMR, Body fat, Body water, Bone mass, Fat free weight, Protein, Physique rating, Metabolic age
  • Actofit SmartScale accurately measures 15 body composition metrics such as BMI, BMR, Body fat, Body water, Bone mass, Fat free weight, Muscle mass, Protein, Skeletal muscle, Subcutaneous fat, Visceral fat, Weight, Physique rating, Metabolic age and Health score for effective weight management.
  • Dual frequency BIA technology - increased accuracy and reliability over traditional analysis methods. Easy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Multi user database: 16 users – an ideal personal and family care product. Compatible with devices running Android 6.0 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above.
  • Now you can connect the Actofit App via Bluetooth and Sync with other featured fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit & Healthkit Apps
  • Get a free 7.5 inch measuring tape, so that you can easily measure the muscle size and feed that information into the Actofit app and track the growth easily. Contact Actofit Customer Care number +91 85305 99500 for all your queries related to Actofit Products
Omron HBF 701 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor With Graphical Interpretation To Monitor BMI (Silver Grey)
  • Body Age & Weight display
  • Body fat percentage
  • Memory for 4 people
  • Resting metabolism; Body Weight Range: 0 - 100 kg with a increment 0.1 kg
  • Visceral fat level. Segmental Skeletal muscle percentage
Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale and Fat Analyzer to Monitor Weight Loss, BMI, Muscle Mass, Protein (Black)
  • LIFETRONS SLINKY SMART BODY ANALYSER ACCURATELY MEASURES 12 ESSENTIAL BODY COMPOSITIONS:Weight,BMI,Muscle Mass,Hydration,Skeletal Muscle,Bone Mass,BMR,Visceral Fat,Subcutaneous Fat,Metabolic Age,Body Fat,Protein etc.Generate detailed PDF Report.Android users can add up to 10 new user profiles of friends & family members in one login to get body analysis & share BMI reports.Google Fit integration to calculate steps,Calories burned for android.Health Kit Integration for iOS Users.
  • EASY TO USE 'LIFETRONS HEALTH' APP. FEATURES DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED BY LIFETRONS IN INDIA: App helps user to SET, MONITOR,TRACK 'SELF DIET PLAN' using in app Food Data available.Get Meal Notifications. App Auto Calculates Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE). SELF DIET Feature in app is currently available only for Android users. Graphs and Trends will show the progress if you are actually getting results for weight loss/gain to maintain your health goals.
  • DUAL FREQUENCY BIA TECHNOLOGY: For increased accuracy and reliability over traditional analysis methods. Easy Bluetooth connectivity. No need to pair device from phone's bluetooth.Body composition data measurement may not be accurate when using the scale immediately after heavy physical activities.
  • ADVANCED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:- CAPACITY-180KGS, Equipped with high precision 4 sensors with tempered safety glass platform. Auto step-ON / OFF for effective use of battery, 'LO'-Low battery indicator. AAA Duracell Batteries included with the product. Bluetooth 4.0, Tempered Glass Top - Easy To Clean.Contact Lifetrons Customer Care on +91 8421143434 for your queries.
  • AN IDEAL SMART SCALE FOR ENTIRE FAMILY'S WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & DIET: Works with any number of users. Free Download Lifetrons Health App for iPhone & Android. Share your body parameters as PDF report to your friends,Health Expert (Dietitian).Google Fit for android & Health Kit for iOS can be used to sync Lifetrons Smart Scale's weight data. The specially designed FREE* App for Dietitian helps to add, monitor clients progress.Generate & share professional PDF reports with Clinic Name & Logo.
Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor with 3 Months Memory to Monitor BMI, Segmental Body Fat & Skeletal Muscle, Progress Chart and Vesceral Fat Level
  • Step on analyser function
  • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle pervent, fat percent and subcutaneous ; It utilises 8 sensors on both hands and feet for complete body measurement
  • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
  • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor, 4 AA batteries and Instruction manual
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase
Omron HBF 222T Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor With Bluetooth for Omron Connect App Experience, Displays BMI, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle and Visceral Fat Level
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto user recognition
  • 4 user memory
  • Dimensions (L*H*D)cm: 34*32*5 ; Item Included: VIVA Body Composition Monitor, 4x AAA Batteries, Setup Instructions, Instruction Manual
Charge Zero World's #1 Battery-Free Technology 6-in-1 Automatic Body Composition/Fat Analyzer Smart Personal Digital Weighing Scale for Measure BMI Index, Fat %, Water %, Muscle %, Bone Mass (White)
  • Measure 6 essential body metrics: body weight, body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass and bmi. No of profiles storage: 4
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects to ensure quality
  • Design: 5 mm thick tempered glass with anti-slip finish ensuring safety and large LCD display ensuring clear and simple reading of body measurement
  • How to use: you simply need to press the button 4-5 times to power-up the device. Enter your height, age, and gender data to create the profile and stand on the machine until it analyzes your body compositions and gives the results in seconds. It is a convenient way to manage health metrics for the whole family and track your health goals
  • Technology: uses the unique piezoelectric effect so there is no need for any battery or charging
Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 180-Day Memory
  • Measures 7 different fitness indicators: body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age, and weight
  • Accurately measures body fat percentage using proven bioelectrical impedance method
  • Easy-to-read digital screen displays body weight up to 330 pounds in seconds
  • Stores up to 4 individual profile settings so the whole family can track their progress with 180 days of memory
  • Retractable cord makes it suitable for adult users up to 6’ 6 3/4” tall
InBody Dial Body Fat Analyzer (White)
  • Type: Dial Body Fat Analyzer
  • Weight body fat and manage body line effectively
  • Colour: White is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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