Best Paper Shredders 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

AmazonBasics Strip Cut Shredder8 Sheets1 YearNo products found.
AmazonBasics Cross Cut Shredder8 Sheets1 YearCHECK PRICE
MDI Shred Plus Shredder8 Sheets1 YearNo products found.
GBC Duo Shredder10 Sheets2 YearsCHECK PRICE
AmazonBasics Cross Cut Shredder12 Sheets1 YearCHECK PRICE
SToK Cross Cut Shredder8 Sheets1 YearNo products found.

Best Paper Shredders 2023

SaleBestseller No. 1
Texet CC612EX Paper and Card Shredder | Crosscut Shredder | Auto Start & Stop Functions | cuts 6 Sheets at a time | 12L Waste bin | for Home and Office Usage | Shreds Credit and Debit Cards
  • Crosscut Paper & Card ShredderTexet high security shredder, shreds up to 6 sheets of paper at one time into tiny pieces. This crosscut shredderalso destroys junk mail/document/staples/credit cards
  • Easy Operation:TexetCC612EX comes with an auto start/stop function to protect the paper shredder from paper jams.
  • More Shredding: The shredder comes with the waste bin with about 12 liters capacity allowing to shred more papers or cards than usual
  • Secured Protection:The home and office shredder is enabled with overheat and overload protection to tackle the trouble in using the shredder and prolong its lifetime. The shredder will turn itself off after being used for 2 continuous minutes and has to be cooled down before further usage.
  • Premium Glossy and Matte:The Texet shredder comes with a portable design and a premium look available in both glossy and matte finish, finessing the office spaces
SaleBestseller No. 2
Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder | 14 Litre Waste Basket Capacity| for Office and Home Usage | 1 Year Brand Warranty
  • The Crosscut Paper & Credit Card Shredder is a versatile device that can shred up to 8 sheets of paper at once into tiny pieces measuring 4 x 31mm, and also has the capability to shred documents and credit cards, providing a secure way to dispose of sensitive information.
  • This shredder offers 2 minutes of continuous shredding. If it runs continuosly for more than 15 mins, it may overheat and automatically shut down to prevent damage, entering an overheat protection mode that requires a 30-minute cooling period before it can be used again.
  • This device features easy operation and safe protection, with auto start/stop and manual-reverse functions that prevent paper jams, as well as an overheat protection function that addresses usage issues and extends the shredder's lifespan. The shredder will stop working once you lift the head, keeping you safe.
  • The shredder comes with a convenient portable handle design and a 14-liter wastebasket, allowing for easy placement in a corner or under a desk, making it a compact and space-saving solution for your shredding needs.
  • This paper shredder boasts a speedy shredding capacity of 2.3 meters per minute, allowing you to quickly dispose of sensitive documents. While it doesn't have an overheat indicator, it features an auto start/stop function that automatically begins shredding when paper is fed into the machine and stops once the paper is fully shredded. With a maximum capacity of 8 sheets (A4) with a weight range of 70-80 gsm, this shredder is designed to handle your document destruction needs with ease and efficiency.
SaleBestseller No. 4
AGARO Stellar 8-Sheet Strip Cut Paper with CD and Credit Card Shredder, Black, one Size (33461)
  • Strip-cut paper shredder with 8-sheet capacity; shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time)
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Shreds paper into 0.65 cm strips at a rate of 3 meters per minute
  • (no need to remove staples), destroys credit cards, cds, and dvds (one at a time).
SaleBestseller No. 5
SC001 Paper Shredder - Paper/CD/Credit Card Strip Cut Shredder with 6 Sheet Capacity and 14.4 L Bin
  • Shred upto 6 Sheet at a time.Good quality
  • Shred Credit Cards, CDs & DVDs one at a time
  • 14.4 Liter Waste Container / Bin
  • The Shredder Shut down automatically if other types of objects are Inserted
  • Perfect for Home Office and SOHO use.
SaleBestseller No. 6
STEADFAST CC13-7 Sheets Microcut Shredder Shreds Paper, CD, Credit Card and Staples into 2 x 9 mm Unreadable Particles with 15L Bin (White)
  • Bin Capacity: 15 Litres
  • Shredding Type: Microcut 2 x 9mm
  • Shredding Capacity: 7 Sheets per pass
  • Will Shred: Paper, CD, Credit Card and Staples
  • Max Entry Width: 230mm
SaleBestseller No. 7
GBC ShredMaster X312 Paper Cross Cut Executive Shredder with 13 Sheet Capacity and 23L Bin for shredding Sensitive documents; 5 x 42 mm Cross Cut Strips; 2 Years Warranty
  • A product of GBC from USA
  • The ShredMaster 3212 comes in 2 designs (X312-SL)
  • Shreds paper into 5 x 42 mm cross cut pieces at 1.8 m/min
  • Shreds 13 sheets of 70 gsm paper or 12 sheets of 80 gsm paper at once
  • Shreds paper clips and staples along with the paper
SaleBestseller No. 8
KORES Paper Shredder 8-Sheet EASYCUT 825
  • Sheet Capacity (sheets):- 8 sheets
  • Shred Size (mm):- 4x39mm
  • Throat Width (mm):- 220
  • Noise Level (dB):- 65dB
  • Shreds CDs/DVDs:- yes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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