Zolo Stays Promo Code: 9492000363 & Flat 50% off Referral Code

Zolo Stays Promo Code: 9492000363 & Flat 50% off Referral Code

Enter ” 9492000363 ” in Promo/Referral Code section while booking a Zolo Stays PG to claim the reward

You’ll be eligible to receive 500 Rs off on your booking or else Flat 50% off Discount

Zolo Stays Promo Code

How to use: Zolo Stays Promo Code

Assuming you’ve Zolo Stays app installed on your Android Phone or using it via their website if you don’t own an Android Phone. You’ll get the Referral Code/Promo Code section while confirming your booking

  • Then you need to paste this referral code – 9492000363 in that section to claim the offer
  • Depending on the offer you’ll Rs. 500 Off or Flat 50% Off on your booking.
  • Zolo Stays Referral Code is offer is a very lucrative one that no one wishes to lose
  • It’s as simply as copy this text: 9492000363 and Pasting it their to claim the offer.

So go ahead and try pasting out the Zolo Stays Referral Code and check what offer you’re getting depending on your booking.

Zolo Stays Review

1. Security Deposit

One of the worst way of keeping a tenant under tab is to collect huge amounts as security deposit if they plan to rent the property.

This worse practice has been revamped by Zolo Stays they don’t collect hefty amounts or deposits for longer terms. The security deposit is as minimum as your first month’s rent.

2. Property Security

Zolo Stays infrastructure are well planned to provide decent security measures and one of them is Biometric Lock system

Each and every person who’s being rented in the their has to authenticate the biometric lock in order to get into the property

So there’s very less chances of intrusion happening with their PG’s compared to others

3. WiFi Speed

As some of might know that recently a couple of broadband providers have upgraded their connection speed to 1 Gbps

I’m surprised to such high speed fiber internet connections in Zolo Stays. All the property are equipped with broadband connection that offer 1 Gbps Connection

And, Each user is limited to access around 15 – 20 Mbps of speed per connection. Which is more than enough to stream a 4K Video with any hiccups

Limited the speed to each device/user offers everyone on the property to share the 1 Gbps speed so no one gets slow speeds due to others abusing the broadband connectivity

Also, This is the first time I’m seeing a Mesh Router Setup which usually costs around 20 – 30K per floor. Mesh Router setup offers seeming WiFi AC – speeds more than 433 mbps output per router

Network loss and slow down won’t be observed and the range is quite large compared to traditional routers.

4. Power Backup

When there’s a power outage, The property has their own Silent Power Generators that can power the entire facility

Fan and one LED including WiFi Routers on all the floors will be working powered by the backup

Lift will be too along with them. No Power outlets or appliances like TV/Heater will be functioning during the outage via the power backup system


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